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Consult with the top minds in the industry on what’s best for you or your e-bike.

Get your e-bike built from a kit. Bring your e-bike in for a general service checkup. We have seen it all.

We can get you OEM parts at a better price than retail. Just tell us about your needs.

E-ddiction is not a sin. General or ultra nerdy questions? Hit us up.

Certified and PREFFERED service engineers for:

An oasis for ebikes and riders alike.

We sell quality ebikes, with a sharp focus on customer service.  We realized that not all bike shops offer good quality services,  or will touch your custom ebike you bought online!

We started ebike rehab for all the ebike “e-ddicts” out there. Our place is an oasis where you can get your ebikes diagnosed and fixed, socialize, buy new ebikes, or just hang to watch some beautiful machines being created! You can be a fun rider, or a technology enthusiast!

We  value some basic principles as we go along this journey:


We are constantly pushing for electric micro-mobility solutions to better the environment!

Technology Footprint

We believe in being on top of the latest micro-mobility trends and offering the latest in cool products out there!

We specialize in all types of e-bikes parts and accessories.


  • Ebike buying
  • Motor upgrades
  • Suspension and drivetrain upgrades
  • Most ebike kits
  • Questions about ebikes and related accessories 


  • Motor Systems: Bafang, TDCM, Tongsheng and the likes
  • Any battery system 48V or 52V
  • Bikes like Rad Power Bikes, Ride 1up, Aventon,  Watt Wagons
  • E-scooters like Onan, Wolf, Valara
  • Build ebikes with kits (all) and more…


  • Motors
  • Suspension
  • Handlebars
  • Saddles
  • Belt / Chain
  • Hubs, wheels and more…

E-ddicts Club

  • Technical questions
  • Motor technology discussion
  • Industry direction
  • Regulation impact
  • Comparison of different vendors
  • Riding ideas and more… 

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