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  • Ebike buying
  • Motor upgrades
  • Suspension and drivetrain choices
  • All ebike kits
  • Questions about e-bikes and related accessories 


  • Build ebikes with kits (all) and more…
  • Motor Systems: Bafang, TDCM, Tongsheng
  • Any battery system 48V or 52V
  • Bikes like Rad Power Bikes, Ride 1up, Aventon, etc.
  • E-scooters like Onan, Wolf, etc.


  • Motors
  • Suspension
  • Handlebars
  • Saddles
  • Belt / Chain
  • Hubs, wheels and more…

E-ddicts Club

  • Technical questions
  • Motor technology discussion
  • Industry direction
  • Regulation impact
  • Comparison of different vendors
  • Riding ideas and more… 


Do you want to buy a new e-bike? Do you intend to change your motor? Or buy that e-bike conversion kit but are unsure? Reach out to us and we can help you with all questions about e-bikes and related accessories. 


Is the motor giving you hiccups? Is the battery draining too quickly? Is that chain making too much noise? Why does your e-bike feel all wobbly? We can service your bike and make it as good as new. Schedule an appointment today for a tune-up.


Do you need to upgrade the suspension? How about a carbon fiber handlebar? Do you need a better saddle? Or maybe just some lights for riding at night. We have a range of parts and accessories through our supplier network and will be happy to procure something for you!

E-ddicts Club.

Don’t you sometimes just feel like “geeking” out? Getting to know the latest in technology? Debate about rear vs. mid-drive? Discuss what the next big thing in micro-mobility will be? Well, then you are like us. Just send us your queries and we will get in touch!